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Emergency Line (503) 724-5662

The following is a list of legitimate emergencies; all other matters will be addressed the next business day.

  1. Fire – Any fire that causes damage to the property.
  2. Lack of Primary Heating Source.
    1. When outside temperature is below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Safety Hazards
    1. Unable to secure exterior doors and windows.
    2. Electrical Problem that pose an immediate threat; If applicable turn off breaker immediately.
    3. Any time emergency services are called for non-personal medical issues.
    4. Carbon monoxide or smoke alarm going off where the source cannot be found and cured by the tenant–does not mean alarm chirping.
  4. Floods and Water damage
    1. Water Heater leaking; not having hot water is not an emergency.
    2. Sewer backup; all toilets, showers and sinks are not operational.
    3. Frozen Pipes.
    4. Malfunctioning dishwasher or washing machine when a sudden occurrence is causing or could cause water damage to the property.
    5. If the property has only one toiletand it is not operational.
    6. Uncontrollable water i.e. broke pipes.
    7. Leaking Roof.
    8. Significant water intrusion within finished living space.
  5. Power outage
    1. When the outage affects only the subject property and power is being provided to neighboring properties.
  6. Gas leak
    1. Call NW Natural (800) 422-4012. Then call us at (503) 919-0471

Calls that are an inconvenience, but are NOT emergencies

  1. Appliances not working such as refrigerator and stove.
  2. Lockout due to misplace or lost keys
  3. Air conditioning not working
  4. Pilot light is out on furnace. You may relight the pilot or Call NW Natural Gas. If you’ve tried to relight the pilot and it will not relight and you are unable to generate heat as describe above, call.

NOTE: If you are experiencing any water leak it is your responsibility to locate the water shut off valve or the main water shutoff and shut off service. Any damage that results due to your failure to stop the source of the leak will be at your expense.

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Office: 503.919.0471
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