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Frequenty Asked Questions

  • What types of properties do you manage? +

    We manage homes, condos, townhouses, apartments and small commercial.

  • What do you do to rent my property? +

    We use a variety of tools to help us aggressively market your property. We use the most popular rental sites and well and signage to promote your property to the largest audience possible.

  • How do you screen your applicants? +

    Each applicant is screened thoroughly. We do a credit check, verify rental history/mortgage history, verify employment and perform a criminal background check that includes evictions and the national sex offender registry.
  • How long is the lease? +

    By default we sign 1 year leases. If you are the owner and would like a different term we are happy to accommodate your request.

  • How do you make sure the tenant is taking good care of my property? +

    We do a walk-through of the property twice a year. The walk-through gives us an opportunity to check for deferred maintenance, lease violations and unauthorized guest or pets.

  • What happens if the tenant does not pay rent? +

    If the resident does not pay rent on time we send out a notice for non-payment of rent. If the rent is not paid within the notice period we start the eviction process. We take non-payment very seriously.

  • How Informed will I be about What happens at my property? +

    We believe that you hire a property manager to manage the property for you, not to assist you in managing it yourself. We offer a turnkey style of property management service which is most appreciated by those property owners who prefer to be "out of the loop" on all but the most important matters related to the management and leasing of the property. We don't pester you with small details, questions, information or "updates" about your property or tenants, except for those matters which will have a significant impact on your monthly cash flow. Instead, we simply take care of the things you have entrusted us to handle on your behalf.

  • What if I want to be more informed than your outline above? +

    For some property owners, our system is not a good match, and we understand that. We are very up front about the fact that we do not want you to hire us if you expect to be involved in minor details or decisions related to the management and leasing of your property. We simply have not designed our systems and procedures to accommodate that level of involvement by owners.

  • How do you handle maintenance requests? +

    Maintenance request are broken down into 3 categories.

    Emergency Maintenance: Emergency maintenance is a very narrow category and generally falls under fire, flood or immediate safety hazard. In these situations our job is to contain the problem. In order to do this we will send who ever we need to resolve the immediate issue and reduce further damage. For example, if a waterline were to break we would shut off the water and start the process of drying out the area.

    Urgent Maintenance: Most maintenance requests fall under this category. If a maintenance request is submitted and is required by landlord-tenant law and less than $250.00 we go ahead and make the repair. If the repair is over $250.00 and required by landlord-tenant law we will reach out to you to discuss the next step. If we cannot reach you, we will use our judgment to determine the best course of action.

    Cosmetic Maintenance: Cosmetic requests are not required under landlord-tenant law. An example of this is if a tenant wants to paint a wall or would like a different light fixture, etc. When these types of requests are made we gather all of the information we need and pass it on to you for you to review and make a decision.

  • Do you use the cheapest maintenance people you can find? +

    While it is our goal to keep costs low, maintenance people are one of the biggest areas of liability for a landlord. Most contractors have not taken classes on fair housing laws or landlord-tenant law. Without this knowledge they pose a great risk to you as the landlord. In addition to knowing these extra laws they must be licensed, bonded and insured. A contractor must be able to show up on time, dress appropriately, be courteous and provide excellent documentation of their work. Like most things, you get what you pay for and so while price is important, it is not the only factor we consider when hiring someone to work at the property.

  • Do you hold some money for repairs, if so, how much? +

    Yes, we maintenance a minimum of $250.00 in reserve for our residential properties. For apartments the cost varies based on the size, age and condition of the building.

  • My family member and/or friend is fairly handy; can they work on the property? +

    As the property manager our job is to document everything that happens at the property. We do this because situations can arise that may end up in court one day. When family members or friends are involved it can introduce additional risk. We prefer while the property is occupied that works is done by our vendors.

  • What if I have a contractor I like? Can you use them? +

    We are always looking to add great contractors to our vendor list. While we cannot guarantee we will use your contractor everything as we must consider their schedule and the urgency of the request we will do our best. They will need to be licensed, bonded and insured. They will also need to complete our vendor policy agreement.

  • Do you work with Home Warranty Companies? +

    We prefer not to work with home warranties as they are not designed with rental property in mind. In some cases we will, but we will charge for our time involved as these calls can take hours of being on hold and follow-up over several weeks.

  • When do you send funds and statements? +

    Funds are sent after they have been deposited and cleared your client trust account. Funds are then disbursed via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Depending on weekends and holidays the funds will arrive in your bank account between the 15th and 20th of the month.

    We send statements out on the 20th of the month or the next business day.

  • What bills will you pay related to my rental property? +

    It is common practice for utilities for utilities to be in the tenant’s name. We do pay the trash and recycling bill on your behalf as the City of Portland requires this bill to be sent to the landlord or property management company.

  • Do you charge any administrative fees or other service charges? +

    The monthly management fee covers most administrative duties, however for services which fall outside the normal scope of our Management Agreement and for duplication of services we do assess a fee.

    If you lose a rent proceeds check, there is a replacement fee (Whatever the charge is to cancel the check at our bank).

    Here are some examples that fall outside of normal management service:

    • Example (1). When an owner wants to use a company like Sears to deliver a new stove to a vacant property, and we have to meet Sears at the property, there is a service fee of $45 per hour - minimum $45.00.
    • Example (2). If the owner is refinancing the property, and we must meet the appraiser or other person at the property, there is a service fee of $45 per hour - minimum $45.00.
    • Example (3). Sometimes an owner wants us to take pictures of a new fence, new roof or a repair that has been done on the property. We are happy to do this for owners, but it is very time consuming, therefore there is a service fee of $45 per hour - minimum $45.00.

    Owners often ask us to do things that are outside our normal management services, and we try to accommodate our owners whenever possible.

  • How do you decide what deposit to charge the resident? +

    A deposit is equal to one month’s rent. The final deposit is based on the individual applicant. Deposits can increase based on credit and/or rental history. See our screening criteria for specific guidelines.

  • What should I do if the tenant contacts me? +

    Responsible tenants are valuable assets to both of us. A satisfied tenant can bring us referral business and will be more inclined to care for your property as if it was their own. As the owner of the property, it is best that you avoid direct communication with the resident and refer all inquiries to our office. We maintain a diplomatic relationship, between you and your tenant, through personal contact and in the form of our Property Survey Reports

  • Can I go by and view my property? +

    Yes. In fact, we recommend owners view their property at least once every year or two years. Owners should give Sleep Sound Property Management at least three or four days’ notice, so we can make arrangements with the tenants. Often the trip to view your property is tax deductible! Please check with your tax preparer.

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