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Fall Maintenance FAQ's

This time of year there are 3 essential maintenance items you will want to address at your rental property.

  • Gutter & Downspout Cleaning
  • Moss Treatment 
  • Furnace Servicing 

To learn more why this is important, including about important practices at Sleep Sound please review the FAQ's below. 

Gutter Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: How does gutter cleaning protect my property?

A: Clogged gutters can not only damage your gutter system, but it can lead to dry rot, roof damage, and water intrusion into your siding and/or foundation. The number one cause of water intrusion in our area is due to damaged or clogged gutters and downspouts.

Q: Is gutter cleaning expensive? 

A: The cost varies and is based on the total stories, linear footage of the gutters, and pitch of the room. Cleaning often ranges between $175-$350. For larger roofs prices are closer to $500.00. For properties with multiple units, such as plexes or apartments, the cost must be quoted on a per property basis. 

Q: When are the gutters cleaned?

A: The gutters are cleaned during fall, after most of the leaves have fallen. This is to ensure the cleaning has the greatest impact and ideally does not heed to be redone in the near future. For properties with a lot of trees nearby and/or have a history of clogs, may need to be cleaned 2-4 times during the fall. 

Q: What if my gutters have a gutter guard?

A: If your property has a gutter guard normally you do not need to have the gutters cleaned. If the gutters do need to be cleaned, the cost will be higher than quoted above because the contractor will need to uninstall and reinstall the gutter guard. This will likely require a custom quote. 

Q: What if I want to clean the gutters myself, does Sleep Sound allow this?

A: Yes, you must notify your property manager 7 days prior to your visit. For liability reasons while on site you are not allowed to speak to the resident about their tenancy. Doing so is a violation of the Property Management Agreement. 

Moss Treatment  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q:  Why is it important to remove moss from my roof?

A:  Moss retains water and if left on the roof for long periods can cause damage including cracks to shingles which overtime will degrade the integrity of your roof.

Q:  How much does this usually cost?

A: The cost varies based on the size and pitch of your roof. Generally the cost is between $200-$500. 

Q:  How is the moss removed? 

A: The best process is a passive process which is done by applying various moss treatment solutions. This may be a product designed to kill moss, zinc strips/powders, or using home remedies such as dish soap, baking soda, vinegar, or oregano oil. 

Q:  When is the best time to apply 

A: The best time to apply is early fall when sunlight is diminishing, but moss treatments can be applied year around. 

Furnace Servicing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: Is it important to service my furnace?

A: Yes, this will not only extend the life of your furnace, but will help minimize the likelihood of an emergency call during winter. Emergency calls are significantly more expensive because after-hour rates are higher and in other cases you may have to provide the resident with a rent concession due to a lack of heat. 

Q:  What do they do as part of servicing? 

A:  The service varies by provider and based on the equipment you have, but generally the following services are completed:

  • Replace Air Filter If needed
  • Clean burners and flame sensor
  • Inspect heat exchanger and CO detector
  • Lubricate blower and inducer fans
  • Clean Humidifier
  • Inspect electrical wirings and controls
  • Check Thermostat for proper operation

Q:   How often does a furnace need to be serviced?

A: It is recommended to service your furnace annually. If it has been more than 2 years since your last service you should have the unit serviced. 

Q: What does this usually cost?

A: The cost varies, but is generally between $175-$225 at the time of writing this. 

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