End of Lease/30 Day Notice

Thinking of Moving Out?

All residents are required to provide 30 days in writing prior to the end of your lease if you wish to vacate on time.

Moving Out

If you are looking to move-out sooner, also known as breaking your lease, it is important to know the costs associated with terminating your lease agreement early.

Costs associated with breaking your lease include, but are not limited to:

  • Lost Rent, until property is re-rented.
  • Utilities until the property is re-rented.
  • Reimburse owner leasing fee (50% of one month’s rent).

If property cannot be re-rented for the same rate, the difference in the rate is owed for the remaining term. For example, if you have 6 months on your lease left and the property is rented for $50/mo. less you would owe an extra $300.00 ($50X6).

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How to Properly Vacate your Property & What to Expect

Moving out? How to Properly Give Notice

Download Move-Out Instructions

If you have decided to move out of your current residences please contact our office to obtain a 30 day notice to vacate. Please review the notice and send it to our office. Your notice to vacate is not considered received until it has been submitted in writing.

Note: If you rental agreement is month-to-month you must provide us with a 30 day notice to vacate. If your rental agreement is for a fixed period of time, you must wait until 30 days before your lease expires to submit your notice to vacate. Any attempt to end your lease before it is set to expire will result in an early termination.

What Happens Next?

Once we have received your notice we will begin advertising your property for rent in order to reduce the amount of time the property is vacant.

During this time we will be showing the property to prospective tenants. As our resident we will do our best to be respectful of your home and show the property in time blocks. A leasing agent will walk all interested parties through the house and no one will be allowed to walk unattended in your property.

To help facilitate a smooth process, please pick 3-4 days a weeks that we can show the property and include time blocks with each i.e.

Note: We will provide you with a 24 hour notice before showing the property.

Returning the Property to Us

We have enjoyed having you as our tenant and now the time has come for you to return the property to us. We expect the property to be deep cleaned from the floor to the ceiling (see pages below for details).

Please remember, cleaning can be very time consuming so I would anticipate setting aside 8-16 hours to do a thorough job of cleaning the premises.

You are also expected to remove all debris from the property and replace all burnt out light bulbs. This means having all trash and recycling removed a week before you move out and contacting all appropriate utilities to end service as of your move-out date.

Move Out Inspection

We do not schedule our move-out inspection with the resident. This is for a variety of reasons. The primary reason behind this policy is that the move-out inspection is our opportunity to document the condition of the property. Until we return to our office and have a chance to view the move-in records we cannot comment on the status of your deposit.

As stated above, the best way to ensure you receive your entire deposit is to carefully follow the checklist that is provided to you. Use the time you have wisely during the move-out process because after your lease ends you will not be allowed back in the property.

Resident Vacating Checklist (Instructions to follow)

We understand that the last few weeks before you move are exceptionally busy ones; however, we do request that you pay very close attention to this list and how you return the property to us. As the property manager our job is to evaluate the move-out condition of the property and assign all expenses to the owner or departing resident.



Please remember that a certain amount of cleaning is expected of you when you move out. It is our goal to refund as much of your security deposit as possible and by following the checklist below you will help us achieve that goal. If you need assistance with any of these items we have a list of professionals that we can refer.



All Rooms

Wall Wear & Tear Rules

All walls will be patched, textured and painted at tenant's expense if any of the following conditions are present upon move-out.

  1. If a wall has 5 or more standard size finish nail holes in it.
  2. If there are any holes larger than a finish nail such as a sheetrock anchor, molly screw, large screw, bolt, etc.
  3. If shelves, electronics or equipment is hung on or attached to the wall.
  4. Any scuffs or furniture marks larger than 3 inches which cannot be removed by cleaning
  5. Any damage to sheetrock, wallpaper or texture due to the use of adhesives, moving, missing door stops, etc.
  6. If wall has been painted by a tenant. All painting must be done in a professional manner and be free of drips, paint on adjacent walls and ceilings, hollow spots, etc.

Note: The approximate cost to repair a single wall is $75-$150. Repairing a wall involves obtaining a paint sample, drive time to paint shop to match color, patching the hole, allowing it to dry and then priming, texturing and re-painting including clean-up.



Note: The Property Manager will inspect the property shortly after all keys are returned to our office. By returning the keys, you are relinquishing possession of the property. This signifies that cleanup is finished and Sleep Sound Property Management will proceed with turnover items. Rent is charged until all keys are returned.

Security Deposit

A final inspection will be conducted after you relinquish possession of the property. If damages are noted, we must receive estimates or invoices from vendors before your deposit can be returned less the cost of damage.

As per Oregon Residential Landlord Tenant Act, we have 31 days to send your security deposit accounting starting the day your lease expires, and/or you return your keys (whichever is later).

Remember to provide us with your forwarding address. Without a forward address any deposit due to you will be sent to your last known address which is the property you are vacating.

Estimated Cost Sheet

Prior to your move-in, the property was professionally cleaned, and any carpet was professionally steam cleaned. Upon your move-out, the unit is expected to be in the same clean condition. Upon move-out, the following items will be inspected and considered with respect to possible deductions from your security deposit. The prices shown are approximate costs (actual billing is hourly). Final deductions will be based on the actual cleaning or repair costs incurred by the Owner/Agent from the respective contractor. Receipts will be provided.

Note: Contractors will always be more expensive than handling many of these items on your own. Contractors are running a business with overhead charge for time at market rates, trip/fuel charges and time spent buying supplies. The more you do, the more you will save. However, sometimes it is best to leave certain tasks like patching and painting walls to the professionals as the cost to redo incorrectly done work is even higher.

Haul trash, debris, unclaimed items $200.00 plus dump fees
Clean stove $50.00
Clean Refrigerator $50.00
Clean mini blinds $20.00 ea
Clean uncarpeted floors $50.00-$100.00
Clean bathroom(s) $25.00 per room
Vacuum carpet $50.00-$100.00
Clean carpets $.35-.50 cents per/sqft
Clean all mirrors cabinets, drawers, and shelves $25.00 per room
Washing walls $25.00-$50.00
For difficult stains, nicotine, cooking oil, candle wax, etc. the cost is calculated by the hour.
Replace missing or burned-out light bulbs $5.00 ea
De-flea $185.00 minimum
Replace dirty HVAC filters $55.00 plus cost of filter
Remove pet waste from any area $100.00 plus
Mow and trim lawn $75.00 plus
Weed and mulch beds $75.00 plus
Clear clogged drains (if hair/food is the cause) $55.00 minimum
To deodorize entire house or unit $200.00 minimum


Interior paint is expected to last five years. If the property was freshly painted or in like new condition when you moved in (unless otherwise noted on your move-in inspection) and the paint is needed again on upon your move-out, you will be charged as follows:

If the property was not freshly painted or in less than new like condition at your occupancy, you will be charged the pro-rated amount from the date of the last painting.


Carpet Cleaning: As per Oregon Residential Landlord Tenant law, the Owner/Agent may deduct the cost of carpet cleaning from your deposit if it does not appear to be professionally cleaned. If you hired a professional carpet cleaning service before delivering possession back to the Owner/Agent you must provide a receipt from the company. Owner/Agent reserves the right to re-clean if deemed necessary.

Replacement: -Carpet is expected to last 10 years. If the carpeting was new when you moved in, and it needs to be replaced at your move-out, you will be charged:

If carpeting was not new upon occupancy, the pro-rated amount from the date of carpet installation will be charged.

If carpet is damaged by a pet, and we are able to remove the stains and odor from the carpet, pad and sub-floor, the actual cost of the process will be charged to your security deposit. If the carpet is torn, shredded, or if stains and odor cannot be removed, the full replacement cost of the carpet will be charged, regardless of when the carpet was installed.

Thank you for your cooperation.