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Oregon Governor Kate Brown Stops Residential Evictions for 90 Days

On Sunday March 20, 2020 Governor Kate Brown issued an executive order stopping all residential evictions for non-payment of rent for the next 90 days.  

This means that if your tenant is unable to pay April's rent you will not be able to require them to vacate. 

This order was signed after the city of Portland, Beaverton and Gresham already outlined rules around non-payment of rent and evictions. It is not clear which aspects of the city rules will remain intact at this time. 

We know this is both unexpected and for many will stress your financial resources. We strongly encourage you to contact your mortgage provider and see if you can negotiate a payment arrangement with them if necessary. 

In the meantime we have sent out a survey to all of the residents asking them to proactively inform us if they foresee challenges with their ability to pay in April and May. Your property manager will update you accordingly. 


Q:  What do I do if my tenant doesn't pay? 
A: For now the best thing to do is to contact your mortgage servicer. As we learn more about repayment terms we will update you. 

Q: If my tenant does not pay do I still owe Sleep Sound a monthly management fee?
A: Yes. Sleep Sound will wait until about the 10th of the month to see if your resident has paid. If they have not, Sleep Sound will withhold the management fee from your property reserve or if necessary contact you for payment. We recognize this is not ideal, but we cannot serve you if we cannot cover payroll for our employees. In other states where a shelter in place order has been given, property management companies have been deemed an essential service.
For reference regarding our monthly fee please see section 6.6 of your Property Management Agreement.

Q: If my tenant does not pay April's rent, what will the repayment terms be? 
A:  Unfortunately, we do not know what we can require yet.

Q: Does my tenant have to prove that they can't pay because of COVID-19?
A: Under the executive order, no they do not. 

Q: What if my tenant is not complying with other aspects of the lease, can I evict them then? 
A: The executive order does not stop us from enforcing other aspects of the rental agreement. If the resident is not complying we do have tools for corrective action.

Q: I want to help where I can. How can I? 
A:  Some of our clients have reached out and offered to help and provide flexible terms. Our goals is to determine which residents need help via our survey. If your tenant is one of the people who need help, we will let you know. From there you can discuss a plan with your property managers. 
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