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What You Need to Know About Portland's Renter Relocation Fee

On February 2, 2017 the city council met to discuss Chloe Eudaly's proposed ordinance that would require landlords to pay a relocation fee to tenants if they asked the resident to move or if the rent was increased 10% or more and the resident decided to move due to the increase.

The ordinance did not consider using a means test so that renters who were well off would be excluded, instead the entire burden was shifted to the landlord.

There are a lot of unintended consequences that will go along with the passage of this ordinance. Below are a few examples.

  1. Small landlords who own plexes will sell.
  2. Rents that may have risen less than 9.99% or not at all will now rise regularly to help owners pay for the added cost.
  3. Communities will be trapped with problem tenants that the owner or there residents cannot prove are violating the lease or where the owner cannot afford the legal expense.
  4. Some investors will buy outside of Portland.
  5. Safety issues will increase as bad tenants will remain at the property longer if not indefinitely.


  • Properties outside of Portland, Oregon.
  • Small landlords who own 1 rental unit.
  • Owners who rent their primary residence that plan to return in the next 3 years.


  • Relocation fees plus 3X the rent.

If you would like to read the ordinance directly please visit the link below.

For a summary from Bittner & Hahs P.C. please see the link below

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