Add/Remove Resident Policy

In order to remove one or more residents from the lease agreement you need to complete an Add/ Remove addendum.

There is an add/remove fee associated with this charge of $250.00 due. This is to cover the costs associated with processing the request to add/remove a resident from the lease agreement.

It is important to note that this fee is not meant to be a penalty or deterrent for residents who wish to leave the lease agreement. Rather, it is simply a way to cover the costs by our team to process your request to change the terms of occupancy.

To begin this process, please reach your corresponding property management team.

The Process

Adding a Resident

  • Identify a Candidate
  • Have the Candidate review the terms of your lease and addenda.
  • Have Candidate apply online
  • If approved, be prepared to pay fee.
  • Review Add Resident Addendum supplied by Management
  • Move new Resident in!

Removing a Resident

Removing a resident from a lease without locating a suitable replacement increases the risk for the property owner, by reducing the overall earned income for the tenancy.

For this reason Sleep Sound has specific rules about removing someone from the lease.

If a resident would like to be removed from the lease you may do so under the following conditions.

  1. The remaining residents must be able to qualify financially for the property. This is verified through updated paystubs provided by you to your Property Manager.
  2. The remaining resident must locate a new resident who must be screened and together they must qualify financially before the departing resident will be released from the lease.
  3. The remaining resident can obtain a cosigner. A cosigner must have gross income equal to 6 times the stated rent.

Steps to Remove

  • Select option 1, 2 or 3.
  • Pay fee
  • All parties Sign Remove Resident Form.

Sample Add/Remove Form

Adding & Removing Warning:

If your plan is to remove one resident and add another in their place, it is important that the remaining residents and NEW resident realize that they are inheriting liability from the departing resident. This means if damage as caused by the former resident, ONLY the people on the lease when it ends will be held accountable for charges.

For this reason, Sleep Sound recommends you thoroughly document and if necessary charge the departing resident for any items that could be considered “beyond normal wear and tear”

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