Animal Policy

Many of our residents have animals or have plans to welcome an animal to their family while living in one of our properties.

Because our properties are owned independently by a wide variety of owners, it is important to find out if your property is animal friendly or not.

If you have a service or companion animal please contact Sleep Sound Property Management to discuss your request.

General Pet Policy

  • Permission must be obtained from the owner. When submitting your request please provide general information such as the age, weight, breed, gender of the animal and if they are spayed or neutered.
  • If permitted and approved, an increased deposit of $400.00 per pet plus an increased rent amount of $25-75/mo. Will be required.
  • All animals must be screened via (contact our team for a link to the website).

Important: Some owners are severely allergic to dogs and/or cats. In some instances, deathly allergic. Do not bring an animal into the home without permission. Animals are prohibited on the premises (even for guests) unless otherwise approved in writing.

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