Animal Policy

You want to bring a new animal home, what do you do now?

Great question! Before you commit to bringing an animal home, it's important you obtain permission.

Please follow the steps below before you bring an animal home:

  • Obtain permission from the owner via your Property Manager. Keep in mind that not all properties are pet friendly.

  • When submitting your request, please provide general information such as the age, weight, breed, gender of the animal, and if they are spayed or neutered.

  • If approved by the owner, you must create a pet profile at

  • Pet Screening will provide your property Manager with the Paw Score for your animal, which will determine the monthly pet rent.

  • Pet deposit (if applicable) and Sign Pet Agreement.

  • Congratulations. You're all done!


How much will I be paying for pet rent?
Your pet rent will depend on the paw score your pet gets on Pet rent ranges from $35/mo to $60/mo. Pets with a score lower than 3 will not be allowed to move into the property.

Do you accept pets other than Cats or Dogs?
All pets entering the home must be approved by the owner. Please contact your Property Manager with more details about your request.

How can my pet get a better score?
Pets that are neutered/spayed, have no history of behavioral issues, and have all their vaccines get better scores. 

You have a better chance to get a better paw score if you can provide as much information as possible, including pictures and vaccine documentation.

Do you accept Animal Companions?
Companion animals  and assistance animals fall into their own category, please contact your Property Manager for more information.

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