Living in a Property for Sale

From time to time an owner may wish to sell the property you are living in. While this can be a busy and sometimes uncertain time, it doesn’t have to be. Below is a quick guide to understanding the process.

Status of your Tenancy

  • If you have an active lease, you cannot be forced to move early. It is also possible the buyer may want to keep the property as a rental and as a result you as an ongoing resident.
  • You may be entitled to relocation if asked to move.

Showings and Access

  • The rental agreement requires that upon receiving 24 hours notice you must allow access to the property. In the event a certain time or date does not work, you may reschedule, but you need to suggest an alternative time for the agent to come by.
  • Pro Tip: Pick times and dates you are comfortable with showings in advance. This will give you, the agent and the owner a reliable schedule everyone can work around.

Our role as your Property Manager

Our job is to ensure your rights under the lease are respected. If the agent involved has not given proper notice of entry, asked you to leave for showings, etc. please contact your property manager.

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