Save money through increased efficiency

Lease Renewals should be handled early & methodically to increase resident retention or make a potential turnover shorter.

  • 120-days

    120-days before the end of a lease agreement we reach out to you and to the tenants to understand everyone's goals.

  • We are licensed Realtors

    If you decide to sell we can provide a market analysis and discuss the listing process. We are licensed Realtors after all.

  • proper notice

    If you plan to move back in (Portland landlords, beware of relocation fees) we will ensure the resident has proper notice. In either case all parties need to be informed and prepared.

  • turnover process

    Alternatively, if the tenant is thinking of moving out then we can get started on advertising early and discussing the turnover process.

    • If the tenant wants to stay in the property then your property manager will discuss with you market rents and if they recommend renewing with the current residents.
    • Once a price has been determined your property manager will negotiate the new lease on your behalf.

As you can probably tell by now, lease renewals come down to communication.

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