Screening is the first line of defense against delinquent tenants, evictions, and damage.

In short, it pays to invest up front and wait for the right tenant.

Many companies brag about screening speed, but sacrifice quality by using cheap “instant” background checks.

When it comes to protecting yourself, you need best in class screening practices.

How does Sleep Sound screen your tenant?


    • 1. Federal and State Background Check:
      These are the comprehensive background checks, they will pick up federal crimes as well as crimes that occured in Oregon.
    • 2. Multistate Background Check:
      Any out-of-state addresses found on the applicant’s credit report trigger an automatic background check in the state listed. Other management companies, don’t run multi-state searches.
    • 3. County Background Check:
      Served time in the county jail? We check that too. Our competitors don’t.

    Verifiable Employment:
    Legal employment is critical to ensuring you have a resident who can make reliable payments and isn’t a drug dealer. We verify employment to ensure the income in on the up and up.
  • Income

    3x Monthly Rent as Income:
    This is the gold standard in income verification. Some of our competitors who don’t care about your risk exposure will let residents skate by with only 2x or 2.5x income. You need reliable rent coming in and need to know the resident has the means to pay.

    Landlords Reference Check:

    An applicant may look great on paper, but want to know the whole story. Some residents may not follow rules, care for the property, act belligerent or are overly litigious. Property management is a people business and we want to make sure you’re doing business with the right people.

    We contact their previous landlords and find out who the resident really is.

  • Credit

    Credit Report & Credit Score:
    We check both the residents credit report and credit score, the most important of the two is the report. You want to know what does their payment history look like, if bills were late or unpaid, what were they for? There is a big difference between not paying a car payment and not paying an exorbitant medical bill.

PLUS, We check for anything else that we legally can.

You owe it to your neighbors and the larger community to help keep everyone safe. We will search the National Sex Offender Registration among other mediums in order to make sure nothing slipped through the cracks.

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